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Teachers time to time have to search for new ideas for classroom activities that able to support and connect math, reading, language, drama, art and of course fun.  There are great source for teacher guides concerning work with kids in groups. Check our huge collection of free ebooks on and choose publications to download right now!
Supplement your classroom reading lessons with counting, dramatic play, writing and cooperative learning with parents. Find free books with information that can be modified to match students’ abilities, needs and interests. 
It’s time to practice critical and imaginative thinking, identifying story elements, writing, counting, and cooperative learning with partners. First of all introduce to children elements like language pattern, sequence of the story, and repetition of both language and action. Analyze new information using any web story or tales from free e-books, and apply devices that are familiar to your class. 
Brainstorm ideas for a new story. Use tips from free manuals to organize the process. While analyzing teacher should focus on new characters, settings, counting patterns. Refine ideas by searching for answers to questions concerning scenes in story. 
You can have a lot of fun with your students using “what if” questions. There a lot of new stories will be created while answering these kinds of questions. Students will come up with the ideas and teacher should just write them on chart paper. 
There is great edition Mooove Over. It practices skills like counting by twos, number and word recognition, cooperative learning with parents, visual tracking and memory. During first part of lesson kids should act like a two partners. Cooperative math activity will help to improve counting by twos using index cards. Teacher should print them out and place on table of each student.
While playing and studying kids can disguise as a real cow. For this purpose find cow mask template, print it out and recess.


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